Adventure Park

What do you say for an adventure on the trees with full of adrenaline? It is a safe and cheerful activity including tracks that are specially prepared for you that everyone can do from adults to children… Adventure parks that are the leading popular outdoor activities in many places of Turkey include an activity with high adrenaline, integrated with nature. In Ulupınar Şelale Restaurant, the spider man will accompany you in this diligently prepared activity…


Fishing is probably one of the oldest activities of the world that was done to survive at first, nowadays it has become an elegant hobby for the people… In the specially prepared fishing areas, you can have the privilege to fish with ready equipment in the stream fed by the waterfall and then eat the fish you catch with your loved ones.





Now in Ulupınar Şelale Restaurant, the animals, lovely friends of humans, can spend time with you and help you to have a good time in their natural atmospheres. It can be seen as an educational and informative activity for your children. We believe that this will contribute significantly to their having a nature conscience.

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