Adventure Park

What do you say for an adventure on the trees in the wonderful natural atmosphere of Ulupınar?


The surprises are waiting for you in the Adventure Park that we created for a safe entertainment for both adults and children… It offers for the visitors various and entertaining tours full of adrenaline such as rope bridges on the trees, tube tunnels, moving bridges, balance beams, swings, climbing parts, climbing nets. Rope tracks on the trees within our facility have been built without damaging the trees, with heavy load straps and duplex security steel ropes. The evaluations about the tree health and strength have been made by the experts.

Are you Ready

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What do you say to see our facility via virtual tour?

Adventure Park first consists of platforms built on the trees and tracks which includes challenging passages that are made by connecting these platforms to each other. The aim is to challenge you and test your problem solving ability with height. It hosts various passages and challenges that we can not meet in our daily life when we walk, run and you will face with the height fear while going beyond these passages… Toys are very important for the mind and body development of the children plus the problems that they met. For this reason, the children who does sports have better mind and body developments compared to those who does not. There is always a problem and a solution in the sport fact. Changing the toys that your children play with, sports that they do and their environment kills monotony and will provide them to develop a new point of view.

Kemer / Ulupınar

The grasping natural beauties of Kemer town in Antalya dazzles your eyes. Ulupınar village is one of these which is on Antalya-Kumluca highway, after you pass Kemer, it is 3 km in front before going to Çıralı turnout… It is possible to watch the nature with the restaurants and fish farms located in the region and experience these beauties and it is known with its water as cold as ice even in the summer that comes from the Taurus Mountains. Ulupınar village also intersects with the Lycia-Olympus road where at least 500 tourists pass for trekking every day.


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