Now in Ulupınar Şelale Restaurant, the animals, lovely friends of humans, can spend time with you and help you to have a good time in their natural atmospheres. It can be seen as an educational and informative activity for your children. We believe that this will contribute significantly to their having a nature conscience.


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Our friends with

Our camels, horses, goats, ducks and rabbits live in our zoo. It is always possible to see our chickens and roosters around you. You can have small tours on our camels, you can feed them and explore their nature.

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Kemer / Ulupınar

The grasping natural beauties of Kemer town in Antalya dazzles your eyes. Ulupınar village is one of these which is on Antalya-Kumluca highway, after you pass Kemer, it is 3 km in front before going to Çıralı turnout… It is possible to watch the nature with the restaurants and fish farms located in the region and experience these beauties and it is known with its water as cold as ice even in the summer that comes from the Taurus Mountains. Ulupınar village also intersects with the Lycia-Olympus road where at least 500 tourists pass for trekking every day.


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