About Us

Our story, which began in 2006, dates back to very old times in terms of experience. It continues successfully for years under the management of Doğan Akkelle who has worked for years in the various levels of tourism. We manage our facility with the intimacy of a family by also adapting our employees to the experienced and good-humoured service concept. We give a particular importance to serve the fish that we grow in our trout farms as fresh and natural for our guests. Therefore, it has become our priority that our visitors have a good and healthy time within the natural beauties of Ulupınar. Also it meets the trout need for many tourism facilities and we succeeded in bringing our farms to the level that produce in European standards. We are happy that we registered our quality. Having ISO 22000 certificate, we turned our personnel in the facility into a conscious and dutiful team. We created a functional management system and we accomplished to make it up to the corporate level. As ISO 22000 checks everything from production to consumption rigorously, the reliability of our facility goes on progressively. Our visitors can eat their meals peacefully in a hospitable and comfortable atmosphere and entertain in our adventure park that we built with great efforts and have the pleasure of fishing…

Kemer / Ulupınar

The grasping natural beauties of Kemer town in Antalya dazzles your eyes. Ulupınar village is one of these which is on Antalya-Kumluca highway, after you pass Kemer, it is 3 km in front before going to Çıralı turnout… It is possible to watch the nature with the restaurants and fish farms located in the region and experience these beauties and it is known with its water as cold as ice even in the summer that comes from the Taurus Mountains. Ulupınar village also intersects with the Lycia-Olympus road where at least 500 tourists pass for trekking every day.


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