There is also a 120 years old mill in our restaurant which is located at the start of the Ulupınar spring. We grind the flour in our flour mill that was put into service in the last years and serve our bread and lavash bread. Moreover our guests visit our facility conveniently and have the chance to experience nostalgia.

POOLSIDE 1 It serves in Ulupınar for years with its competent management, 500 people capacity and qualified personnel. POOLSIDE 2  It has a capacity to serve for 560 people in total with 46 oriental gazebo, 2 big gazebos for 200 people.

Our Trout...


Natural and fresh;

We grow thousands of trout in our many trout pools that are in Ulupınar and Ağlasun-Burdur. We both offer our fresh fish for our clients and meet the trout need for many 5 star hotels and holiday villages located in our region. 150 thousand fish production in 20 ponds in total in Ağlasun, Burdur. We produce 400 thousand fish in 40 ponds in Ulupınar-Kemer. Also we have fish fry farm in Gödene-Altınyaka. We both offer our fresh fish that we grow in our farms for our clients and meet the need for 5 star hotels and holiday villages in our region.

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Meat Casserole Lamb shish Mixed Grilled Chops Spit Roasted Lamb Grilled Meatballs Grilled Rib steak Chicken fillet steak Chicken Shish Quail Wings

The fish


Roasted trout Bream Sea bass Red sea bream White grouper White grouper shish Jumbo Shrimp Deluxe Shrimp Spiny Lobster Lobster  Lobster

Warm Starters


Fried Calamari Grilled Calamari Shrimp Casserole Mushroom with yellow cheese Spring Rolls Fried Chips



Crab Leg Shrimp Salad Tuna Fish Salad  Tulum Cheese - Walnut



Shepherd’s Salad Season Salad Spoon Salad



Special Fig Dessert Roasted Tahini Halva Banana with Honey Seasonal Fruit Plate Ice-cream Melon Ice-cream

Kemer / Ulupınar

The grasping natural beauties of Kemer town in Antalya dazzles your eyes. Ulupınar village is one of these which is on Antalya-Kumluca highway, after you pass Kemer, it is 3 km in front before going to Çıralı turnout… It is possible to watch the nature with the restaurants and fish farms located in the region and experience these beauties and it is known with its water as cold as ice even in the summer that comes from the Taurus Mountains. Ulupınar village also intersects with the Lycia-Olympus road where at least 500 tourists pass for trekking every day.


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